Vilnius TV Tower

Duration 2 hours.

Vilnius Television Tower is considered to be the symbol of Lithuania’s struggle for independence and democracy. The city’s TV tower was the site of the bloodiest episode in Lithuania’s drive for freedom in the early ’90s. In the morning hours of January 13, 1991, Soviet troops stormed the tower, which was surrounded by hundreds of unarmed demonstrators, including many women and teenagers. Thirteen civilians were shot dead or crushed by advancing Soviet tanks. Crosses and flowers are placed at the base of the tower in memory of those who died, there is also a small exhibition devoted to the massacre inside the tower itself.
A lift goes up as far as the observation deck at 165 m, which rotates slowly on its own axis, and offers sweeping views over the city. Visitors can enjoy a meal or just have a cup of coffee in the restaurant “Milky Way”.
Every year on December 25 Vilnius TV Tower becomes the tallest Christmas tree not only in Lithuania but in all Europe as well. This view makes a very big impression when you see it sparkling far away from the city centre. Visitors from foreign countries compare TV Tower to the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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