Vilnius, the Capital of Lithuania

Duration  3 hours.

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is one of the oldest cities in the Baltics. The city features a magnificent combination of past and present of Lithuanian history. Almost every tour cannot avoid this beautiful city. The tour takes to the charming Old Town district with its numerous churches, narrow houses, and winding streets. We are proud that the Old Town of Vilnius, called the architectural pearl of Eastern Europe, is on the List of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. There are plenty of sites to visit in Vilnius! The tour includes a visit to the Vilnius Cathedral which is in the very heart of Vilnius city, St. Ann’s Church, the 16th century masterpiece of Gothic architecture, the Gates of Dawn with the chapel housing a holy image of Virgin Mary, University courtyards, Town Hall square etc.
Why is it worth to have a walk in the old city? There is something that attracts you, there is something thrilling and exciting in this city. Come once and you will feel that it is a very cosy and warm place. We love Vilnius, because we live, rest and work here. And we are sure your stay in Vilnius will be pleasant and unforgettable.

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City: Vilnius.

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