Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda-Nida Tour

Duration  6 days.

Have a relaxing holiday in a seaside resort in Lithuania. The biggest part of our offered tour which is described below includes visits to the Baltic Sea. We can promise fresh air, fragrance pine forests, dunes, walking paths, sandy beaches etc. near our sea. Visit to the Curronian Spit will remain in your memory for a long long time. You can choose what is best for you – walking, cycling and windsurfing. These are the activities which help to relax and forget all the troubles that bother you!

1st day. Arrival and accommodation at a hotel in Vilnius. Vilnius sightseeing. The tour includes a visit to the Vilnius Cathedral, St. Ann’s Church, the 16th century masterpiece of Gothic architecture, St. Peter&Paul’s Church, the Gates of Dawn with the chapel housing a holy image of the Virgin Mary, Pilies str., Vilnius University courtyards, Presidential area and Town Hall Square.
Visit the Vilnius Castle Museum – legendary building that dates back to the 13 century and opens a fabulous sight of the Old Town. Inside the three-storeyed tower you’ll find models of the castle as it was in the 13th century, displays of ancient ammunition and arms, other historical exhibits.
Optional evening event:
National dinner in a restaurant: try our national dishes and drinks; be entertained by a folk show.
Overnight at a hotel in Vilnius.

2nd day. Tour to Trakai: explore Trakai castle and its historical museum. Trakai vast lakes and a fairy tale castle inspired legends and superstitions. In 1321 Grand Duke Gediminas built Trakai castle on the peninsula of Lake Galve. This castle served briefly as the capital of his lands before he moved back to Vilnius in 1323.
Depart for Kaunas, the second largest city in Lithuania, which served as a provisional capital of the country (1939-1940). City tour of Kaunas includes a tour to the Old Town with the 13th century Kaunas castle, the Town Hall, known locally as “White Swan”, the Cathedral-Basilica, the Perkunas House, a visit M. K. Ciurlionis State Art Museum or the Devil Museum
Night at a hotel in Kaunas.

3rd day. Departure for Klaipeda along the old road that runs across the ancient Prussian lands and then approaches the longest river of Lithuania – the Nemunas. You can admire the nature and fascinating sights along the road, visit Ventes Cape where birds are ringed, stop at a well-known Lithuanian island called Rusne, visit Panemune castles. There are three of them: Raudondvario, Raudones and Pemunes.
Arrival to Klaipeda – an ice-free port, the Lithuanian gateway to the sea and the world. During the city tour explore the Old Town with German fachwerk houses, the City Hall, and the Neo-Gothic Post Office. Visit the Blacksmith museum or the Clock Museum.
Night at a hotel in Klaipeda.

4th day. Tour to Nida which is located in the western part of Lithuania. This extraordinary land called Neringa is included into a UNESCO World Heritage Site of extreme beauty and fragility. This small town is a summer resort famous for the unique sand dunes and clean beaches. Visit Thomas Mann House or the Fisherman’s museum.
On return to Klaipeda visit the Maritime Museum and Aquarium in Smiltyne. The museum was built in an old fort and has collections of the sea fauna and insects, archaeological, ethnographic and iconographical items, coins, documents, ships and their equipment. Enjoy dolphin and sea lion shows in a Dolphinarium.
Night at a hotel in Klaipeda.

5th day. Departure to Rumsiskes via Kaunas. The Rumsiskes Open-Air museum displays the heritage of Lithuanian rural life in a vast collection of entire authentic buildings.
While staying in Kaunas visit the Pazaislis Monastery where the collection of Baroque buildings make up the Pazaislis Convent (1664-1712). From there take a boat to Rumsiskes. During the sail admire the sights and have a picnic with national meals and drinks. Excursion round the museum. After the tour the bus departs from Rumsiskes to Vilnius.
Farewell dinner at a national restaurant.
Overnight at a hotel in Vilnius (two options are possible: overnight in Vilnius or departure in the evening).

6th day.
Breakfast at the hotel. Departure.

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