Tour to Rumsiskes

Duration 6 hours for individuals, 8 hours for groups.

The Open-Air museum in Rumsiskes which is one of the biggest museums in Europe displays the heritage of Lithuanian rural life in a vast collection of authentic re-erected buildings where the Lithuanian people lived and worked. The total area of 175 ha contains 140 buildings from the 18th-19th century with the restored original interior and surroundings. This museum was established in 1966 in order to help to preserve and research the former ways of living.
The buildings of this museum are exposed as farmsteads and they all together represent the main ethnographic regions of Lithuania: Aukstaitija, Zemaitija, Dzukija and Suvalkija. The open-air Museum stores the most valuable constructions of farmsteads.
The territory of the museum is a very popular place were ethnographic festivals are celebrated and folk song and dance concerts are held. This museum is very easy to reach – it is located 18 km to the east of Kaunas near Kaunas-Vilnius high way.

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