Tour to Paneriai (Ponar)

Duration 3 hours.

Paneriai is six miles outside the city of Vilnius. Here in the Paneriai Forest, close to the railroad tracks, the Nazis killed and buried over 100’000 civilians, 70’000 of them Jews in the pits. Now the site of mass executions is commemorated by the memorial to the victims of the Lithuanian holocaust and a small museum displays the tragedy of Paneriai.
Every year on September 23 Lithuania’s Holocaust Remembrance Day is celebrated. It was designated as the Day of the Genocide of the Lithuanian Jews. The day is commemorated annually with state-organized conferences and ceremonies. A lot of people visit Paneriai memorial on that day. It is a nice tradition to remember the tragedy of the Jews. The state flag of Lithuania is flown with black ribbons on all official buildings on this day.
Along with this tour we suggest visiting Vilnius Tolerance Centre. Open in 2001 in the building of a former Jewish theatre, it is the newest institution of the museum. It event hall offers space for temporary exhibitions, cultural events and educational projects with the aim of working towards a more tolerant society.

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City: Vilnius.

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