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Our travel agency invites you to have a healthy stay in the environmentally friendly area in Lithuania. Nature here is not polluted and that is why our air in the suburbs is so clean and pleasant to breath. Especially near the sea, where the fragrant pine forests are growing. Our third biggest city Klaipeda is located near the sea, as well as one of the most popular health-resort Palanga. We offer you a rest in the Curonian Spit – Lithuanian Sahara. It is a unique phenomenon of the nature.
We offer accommodation in Vilnius at the hotel Karolina, which is located in a quiet park area. Or you can choose the hotel Le Meridien Villon – a luxurious hotel in the suburbs of Vilnius overlooking two lakes and birch forests.
Druskininkai is a small town, located in the south of Lithuania, which is probably the best known health-resort in the country. Beautiful nature and healthy atmosphere are really the reasons to come here for holidays or improve your health. Do it with our travel agency – we promise you fresh air (because of pine forest), mineral water (there are 7 unique spurting mineral springs) and quietness, where nobody will disturb you during your vacations. Hiking, cycling and canoeing, therapeutic gymnastics, sanatoriums, tennis courts, visits to Dzukija National Park and other places are the ways to relax. Druskininkai is really the place to improve your health.
A stone throw from Druskininkai – a town of Birstonas is located. This place is considered to be one of the most beautiful resorts of Lithuania, too. It is well known for its curative waters, sanatoria and beautiful nature. On both sides the resort is surrounded by the river Nemunas. That is why there are many objects of natural and cultural landscape on the territory of Birstonas regional park.
You may simply have pleasant walks in the territory of Birstonas park. You may canoe along the river Nemunas. Cycle or ride a horse and admire beautiful nature. Fresh air will make you dizzy, green trees, valleys and fields will lull you and you will fall under your sweetest dream. But this is not a dream – it is Lithuania with its most beautiful places!
We invite you to have a relaxing holiday in the spot of heaven. We invite you to learn what Lithuanian Sahara is like. The answer is one – the Curonian Spit National Park. It is located in the west of Lithuania on the coast of the Baltic Sea. It is a narrow peninsular 97 km long. It is the most unique and the narrowest place in Lithuania. It was created by nature and cherished by human being – sandy dunes, the beach coastline and fragrant pine forests combine a wonderful dream from which you will not want to wake up.
Neringa town is in the Curonian Spit. Neringa is a national park and there cannot be any doubts about its beauty! Catch the wind in the dunes; hear the murmur of fragrant pine forests, and watch elks, roes, wild boars, fox and hare roaming in the forest. It is a real piece of heaven! The Curonian Spit is almost isolated from the continent, this is the kingdom of nature and is peaceful, and that is why we guarantee you a real rest in this resort. Here you can go for a walk, go cycling, windsurfing, yachting, ride water bicycle or sail in a clutter. Neringa has very hospitable hotels or rest homes where good accommodation is provided. If it is raining outside or if you choose coming here in winter, you can swim in indoor swimming pools, sweat in a sauna or a bath. You can go in for sports and forget about your business for a moment. We can arrange you real entertainment and the most pleasant things. All types of sports are available here.
Palanga is probably the second well known and the oldest health-resort in the western part of Lithuania. This town located near the Baltic Sea, where the nature is not touched by a man. There are a lot of places to visit and extremely beautiful views to take a picture in Palanga. Here you can relax on your own, but you can trust more experienced and professional staff of sanatoriums or a health school. Therapeutic gymnastics and orthopaedic treatment are available in this sanatorium.
The Botanical Park of Palanga is the most beautiful and abundant park in Lithuania. So if you are sure you want the sea, the blue sky, fresh air, beautiful parks, and long evening walks along the coastline or on the paths in the pine forests, professional treatment and entertainment in the evening choose Palanga.

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