Baltic in Soviet Times

For about 50 years Lithuania has been one of the members of the Soviet Union. This fact made a big influence on our history. In 1991 we regained our independence and became free. Today a lot of unattractive monuments of Soviet times still exist in the Baltic cities and the countryside. Today everything connected with the soviet period can be seen in Grutas Park, which is located near Druskininkai health-resort. There are sculptures of Lenin, Stalin, soldiers, writers, workers and other Soviet heroes. This is really an exotic place for tourists from non-Soviet countries.
In 1960s in the village of Ploksciai the Soviets began to build an underground military base, one of the first in the S. U. Four R12 nuclear missiles, 22 meters height, including the 3 meters warhead, were installed in the silos. Now tourists can visit the underground and the missile silos labyrinth, see the depth of it and get some knowledge of the attributes of the Soviet Army.
The KGB museum in Vilnius will help you to get some more information about this period. This museum shows cells and torture chambers used up to 1980s.
We suggest visiting Riga, the capital of Latvia and Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. It is a great possibility to know those three capitals of the Baltic States!
You can continue your trip on the Soviet-themed tour in Latvia. There is the Soviet Aviation Museum. The cars that belonged to the Soviet leaders are exhibited at the Motor Museum, Riga. Liepaja is famous for its top-secret military bases and missile silos. The Occupation Museum in Riga exhibits international agreements and documents testifying the impact of two totalitarian regimes on our state, country and nation. Personal keepsakes bear evidence both of oppression and persecution and people’s resistance to occupation power, the inhuman conditions in prisons and banishment and the strength of the human spirit in extreme adversity.
You can find something similar in the island of Muhu in Estonia.

In addition we suggest testing former Eastern Block fight pistols or rifles in special shooting range. Such weapons are: Makarov (standard pistol in the former Soviet Union), Margo (Russian compact self-loading pistol), Luger (Hungarian pistol), CZ (Czechoslovakian military pistol), Saiga (Russian semiautomatic combat shotgun), etc.

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