Our travel agency has the honour to present the most fascinating holiday suggestions. We have prepared tours that include not only Lithuania, but Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Poland, too.

We suggest starting the acquaintance with Lithuania participating in the tour “Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania“. It is the political and cultural centre of the country. Vilnius Old Town as one of the largest and most beautiful towns in Central and Eastern Europe is included into the UNESCO Heritage lists. While staying in Vilnius, we invite our guests to visit Vilnius TV Tower and Vilnius Churches – we have prepared interesting tours, too. For those who want to learn more about the history of Jews in Vilnius (Vilna as it is known in Yiddish) will help the tour called “Vilna Jerusalem de Lita“. Another tour “Jewish Heritage Sights” will involve Jewish sights throughout Lithuania. We also invite to visit Genocide Memorial in Paneriai. In this forest the Nazis killed 100’000 civilians, 70’000 of them Jews. The second largest city of Lithuania, Kaunas, is 100 km away from Vilnius. Kaunas was founded in the 14th century and during the period of 1919-1939 was the temporary capital of Lithuania. Tour to Kaunas takes the whole day. There is an open-air museum on the way from Vilnius to Kaunas where it is possible to see all ethnographic features of Lithuania in one place. Join a tour to Rumsiskes and we are sure you will enjoy this visit. Tourists will be charmed with the beauty of the Castle of Trakai. Tour to Trakai is one of the most popular ones among foreigners and local people. It is possible to have a good rest there as well.
Every year a lot of tourists come to the Baltic States to visit towns and villages where their parents or grandparents lived or where they were born. Our agency has good contacts with State Archives in Vilnius, Riga and Tallinn, and our experienced guides will help to research roots of your family. We are sure that tours that are mentioned here and a lot of other ones we will offer, will make your stay unforgettable. Discover some of them!
For those who are interested in Lithuanian culture, history, architecture and would like to explore it, should choose a tour that includes at least Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipeda. The tour to Druskininkai is just an option for those who would like both to travel and improve their health. Youth or adventure tours are usually of a smaller budget and include a number of activities – camping, horse riding, swimming, biking and others. Those who haven’t got much time but would like to explore the Lithuanian highlights in several days may choose a weekend tour that includes the main cities of Lithuania. Touring in the Baltic Capitals is a great opportunity to get acquainted with Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia just in one trip!

We would also like to offer special tours such as beer, wine tours for those who plan to spend their winter holidays in Lithuania.

If during the trip the clients want to learn about Lithuania and to relax at the same time, we suggest a tour “Vilnius-Trakai-Druskininkai-Kaunas“. They will enjoy the sights of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania and Kaunas, the second largest town of Lithuania, learn the history of the country and then relax in Trakai and Druskininkai or they can participate in another tour “Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda-Nida“. Here it will be possible to visit the largest towns of Lithuania and later sunbathe on the sandy beach of the Baltic Sea in Nida. For those who want to see much in a short time we have a tour “Vilnius-Kaunas-Klaipeda“.
For those who wish to travel independently, our travel agency will organize the tour according to their individual travel needs and schedule. We will be happy to help you and provide the best services available in the Baltic!
We offer very specific tours – discover our history together! The tour “Baltic in Soviet Times” will bring you 30-50 years back when a lot of unattractive architectural monuments existed in he Baltic cities and the countryside. This tour should attract men and boys – they will visit the underground military base, the Soviet Aviation Museum, the Motor Museum, top-secret military bases and missile silos, the Occupation Museum, etc.

Lithuania has very beautiful and unspoiled nature, and that is why our air in the suburbs is so clean and pleasant to breath. Try an “Ecological Tour“, “Convalesce with “Baltic Roads“, or “In the shadow of nature“.

We have something really special for your Honey moon or Romantic weekend in Lithuania – romantic promenades, romantic dinners, romantic mornings and extremely romantic overnights at hotels. The tours are specially made for lovers (Romantic Tour I, Romantic Tour II).
A very specific but a very new and interesting one is a tour “Narrow Gauge Railway“. We suggest spending a marvellous weekend in the east of Lithuania and have a trip by narrow gauge railway – it can be something you have never tried before.

Our travel agency suggests a trip “Round the Baltic”. We offer two options: to go from Vilnius to Stockholm via Riga, Tallinn and Helsinki or to go from Tallinn to Warsaw via Riga and Vilnius.

We are flexible and always open to your suggestions!

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