Zemaitija National Park

The Zemaitija National Park was established in 1991 in an attempt to protect the typical Zemaiciai (Lowlands) landscape, some 150 old farmsteads, and a popular site of worship – Zemaiciu Kalvarija. The park covers a territory of 20 thousand hectares.
Among the numerous ancient hills and settlements in the Zemaitija National Park, Zemaiciu Kalvarija is one of the most interesting. It was first mentioned in written sources in 1253 when it was still called Gardai. At the present time the settlement boasts of a complex of structures that were used for work ship as early as the 9th century and 19 Roman Catholic chapels, built in the 18th-20th centuries.
Of the water bodies on the territory of the park, Lake Plateliai is by far the largest (1210 ha) and most beautiful. The town of Plateliai, situated on the shore of the lake, is the seat of the park’s administration and also a popular tourist place. The church and its belfry are architectural monuments. There is also a beautiful park, a yachting club, and a number of holidays centres in Plateliai.
About fifty percent of the park’s territory is woodlands, mostly fir-tree forests. The woods of Plateliai, Plokstine, Stirbaiciai and others are the habitat of a number of rare and protected bird species.

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