National Parks

Lithuania’s nature is beautiful and diverse. Despite the planned and tumultuous urbanisation and the industrialization that have reached the remotest villages, much of the country’s wonderful natural environment has remained. The chiselled hills and chains of lakes in eastern Aukstaitija (Highlands) are very different from the landscapes of the Dzukija region with the slowly flowing Nemunas and big, rusting forests through which rapid rivulets cut their way.
The hilly woodlands of Zemaitija (Samogitia, the Lowlands), with its own lake district, slope down into the vast plains. Even the plains in Suduva are different from those in the North Lithuania. The narrow belt of the Curonian Spit stretching between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon with its high sand dunes and vulnerable flora are absolutely incomparable. The Curonian Spit, created by the winds and waters of the Baltic Sea, is a natural miracle. The spit is almost 100 km long and its width varies from 400 m to 4 km. It stretches from the Semba Peninsula in the south to the Strait of Klaipeda in the north. Trakai Historical national Park is the place to come for camping and fishing. The spectacular castle, surrounding landscape and local history make it a fun and tranquil area to explore.

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City: Klaipeda.

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