Vilnius Upper Castle Museum

The museum was founded in 1960 in the best preserved and restored western tower of the Higher Castle. It is considered to be one of the symbols of Vilnius. The tower is named after the Lithuanian Grand Duke Gediminas. This 14th century brick tower houses a small exhibition displaying archaeological findings and the history of the Castle. This tower is situated on the hill of 48 meter high. After walking up the Castle Hill you still have to climb about 80 steps up the Gedimino Tower before admiring the breathtaking view of Vilnius.
The history of this museum tells us that at first the Upper Castle was a wooden one. And only in XV century a stone castle and a palace were built. It was surrounded by defence wall, which had three towers and entrance gates. Today only Western castle tower has left from the former powerful castle. You can enjoy the entire Old Town which is situated in the valley of the hill. The prospect of Old Town is a breathtaking one.

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City: Vilnius.

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