Museum of Applied Art

Housed in the beautifully restored former Arsenal in Vilnius, the museum displays Lithuanian and foreign applied art from the 14th through the 20th century in addition to temporary exhibition of applied art and design. The exhibition includes textiles and ceramics, works of glass, amber, metal works. Temporary exhibitions of Lithuanian and foreign applied art and design, celebrations and concerts are also held in the museum.

Now on display there is the “Christianity in Lithuanian Art” exhibition. Nearly 270 articles made from gold, silver and precious jewels were first unearthed on March 27, 1985 within the walls of Vilnius Cathedral. It is believed that the treasure was hidden in 1655 when Russian troops were about to storm Vilnius. Ironically, when the treasures were discovered Lithuania was dominated by Soviet rule. The discovery was kept as a secret from the public in the hope that the fortune now estimated to be worth over 100 million USD would not be carted off to Moscow. Only in 1998 they announced to the world about the discovery. At the moment less than 100 of the religious objects are being displayed in the museum.

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City: Vilnius.

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