The Political Life of Lithuania

Lithuania is a Republic governed by Seimas elected for a four-year period. The executive power belongs to the President (elected for 5 years) and the government. The right to vote is granted to citizens over 18 years old.

Official name
the Republic of Lithuania
State order
The Parliamentary Republic
25.000 square miles
2.89 mln. inhabitants.
Highest legislative body
Seimas (141 members; 4 years)
Minimum monthly wage
380 EUR
Member of
the United Nations Organization (September 17, 1991)
Organisation of security and Cooperation in Europe (September 10, 1991)
North Atlantic Cooperation Council (1991)
Council of Baltic Sea States (March 5, 1992)
Council of Europe (May 14, 1993)
North Atlantic Treaty Organization (April 1, 2004)
Europe Union (May 1, 2004)

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