Geography of Lithuania

Area: 65200 sq. km. Coastal line: 99 km. Lithuania is a country of plains and lakes. The highest point, the Juozapines Hill, raises 294 m above sea-level. The country boasts 758 rivers more than 10 km long and about 3000 lakes. Forests cover about 30 percent of the country’s area. The climate is maritime-continental. The country has 5 national parks: Aukstaitija, Zemaitija, Dzukija, Trakai Historical and Curonian Spit. The last was established to preserve the unique natural beauty of the Neringa Peninsula which sometimes is called the Lithuanian Sahara. Lithuanian is situated between Eastern and Western Europe. The shortest way from Germany to Russia crosses Lithuania. The country borders with Latvia in the North, Belarus in the South, Russia (Kaliningrad Region) and Poland in the West. It is declared that 25 km North of Vilnius is the geographical centre of Europe.

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City: Vilnius.
Parks: Aukstaitija, Zemaitija, Dzukija, Trakai, Curonian Spit.

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