Grutas Park

If you desire to go to visit Grutas Park, you have to go about 130 km to the south – east of Vilnius on the road Druskininkai. Frankly speaking this is very interesting place which contains the memorial Soviet statues. All those statues were taken from the different places by cranes when Lithuanians got back their independence in 1989. At first nobody knew the fate of those statues, they were just left lying around secured yards all over the country. But one day Mr. Malinauskas won the rights to the statues and made the Grutas Sculpture Park.
Such a park is a unique phenomenon in the world. It is worth as a valuable historical lesson for future generations. There are the sculptures of Lenin, a rare Stalin, soldiers, writers, workers and other Soviet heroes. This is really an exotic place for tourists of non-Soviet countries. Ex-Soviet countries (including Lithuanians as well) come here to discover and learn. This park is considered to be the unique one for the quantity of the sculptures with an ideological content. Grutas Parkas is one of the most beautiful Lithuanian countryside, including the Dzûkija National Park. The sculptures are located in the shade of the pines and fir-trees.
There is an information center-Museum in Grutas Park. Soviet area is reflected in the exposition about ideologised Soviet propaganda. There the authentic documents, photographs, machines and other material are exhibited. The most charming thing is the souvenirs on the Soviet period theme. You can buy military caps or caps of comrade for your kids! A cup or a ball-pen would be a good souvenir as well. Here you can taste Soviet meals.
This park is interesting for children as well, because besides the sculptures they can find a small petting zoo which houses a growing population of four – legged creatures, exotic fowl such as Japanese chickens.

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