When coming to Lithuania be prepared to explore the most picturesque places of the one of the “Baltic Sisters'”. The admirable sites can be found not only in the capital of Lithuania – Vilnius, but in Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai as well. Look closer and decide which beautiful, inspirational or just plain odd places to visit.

Vilnius charms its guests not only by the Old Town with its narrow winding streets that all contain fascinating and beautiful buildings, churches, but it also offers interesting sites to see. One of them is the Hill of Three Crosses that not only opens up the fabulous view to the city, but represents a symbol of Lithuanians’ mourning and hope. A short distance from the Old Town one can visit the baroque St.Peter&Paul Church with two thousand figures, created by Italian and Lithuanian artists. Another fascinating view just 10 km north of Vilnius can be observed at the Park of Europe. Artists from all over the world have come to this sculpture park to convey their vision of the Europe’s centre.

In the southern part of Lithuania, by Druskininkai, one has to visit Grutas Park definitely. Here in the shade of firs and pines, the Soviet era monuments, torn down in 1989 and brought from Lithuania cities and towns, are expansively laid out.

11 km from Siauliai in the direction of Riga is the Jurgaiciai Mound, usually called the Hill of Crosses. You will be surprised by the number and diversity of the crosses that people from all over Lithuania and other countries as well have brought with hope and faith.

The sites described above are the most famous and most popular among the tourists. Still, Lithuania has even more to offer. For example, if you are interested in specific areas, if you would like to find out more about local traditions, to take a bike ride through the most picturesque places that would definitely include national parks or just to have fun, don’t hesitate to ask us. The “Baltic Roads” team is open to any requests, suggestions that will make your visit to Lithuania memorizable.


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Cities: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda, Siauliai, Druskininkai, Riga.

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