According to its size Panevezys is the fifth town of Lithuania. It is located on the “Via Baltica” international highway. For the first time Panevezys is mentioned in historical sources in 1503. The town is situated on a plain in the upper reaches of the river Nevezis. Developing settlements on both banks formed the town of Panevezys in 19th century. Its growth speeded up after a railway from Radviliskis to Daugavpils was built in 1873. From 1919 Panevezys was a regional centre. In pre-war Lithuania new factories were built – for processing meat, producing sugar and soap.

Panevezys has a pleasant town centre where one can find several art galleries, cafes and restaurants, a museum, wonderful walkways and a splendid observation point in the tallest building of the city – hotel “Panevezys”.

Panevezys is well known for its culture life. At first we have to mention The Drama theatre of J. Miltinis. Some foreign countries admire this theatre. There are some theatres for children, the theatre of poetry and music in the town as well. If you want you can enjoy art galleries which exhibit the works of different foreign artists. Baltic – Scandinavian Academy is considered to be the centre of culture of Panevezys town.

Summer is the best time to visit Panevezys. but there are things to do in autumn too. And especially if you admire jazz music. Jazz festivals are very expected in this time of the year. You can walk along the river Nevezis and watch the leaves drifting on the water. There is a park near the water so it is possible to take a romantic promenade.

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