Druskininkai is a Lithuanian health resort, one of the largest in Lithuania, which was created primarily because of the gushing mineral springs in the area.

King Stanislav Augustus issued a decree in 1794 declaring Druskininkai a curing centre. The town however became a true resort in 1837 and is well known for its spas. No matter which road you take, the town unexpectedly emerges from the woods. Its mineral springs, mud baths, modern medical facilities, beaches along Nemunas River attract thousands of people every year. The architecture of the town is shaped by nature itself surrounded by pine forests and picturesque valleys of the Nemunas River, its tributary the Ratnyèia River and the Lake Druskonis right in the centre of town. The area is drowned in an aromatic sea of fir trees. The pine forests, sand and various bodies of water create a unique microclimate in which the air is fragrant and refreshing. The town has many walks, gardens and sculptures.

Druskininkai is the birthplace of the outstanding artist and composer M.K.Ciurlionis. There is a museum dedicated to his work and also a memorial in the town park.

The town is situated in southern Lithuania, on the right bank of the Nemunas River, 135 km from Vilnius.

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